About Atsika

Welcome to our new site…

After years of collaboration and months of hard work, we have officially founded a new NGO called Atsika.

Atsika is a word that means “We” or “Us” in the Ankarana dialect of northwest Madagascar, where our paths all crossed from 2004-2009.

Through this new NGO, we will be able to undertake a range of conservation and sustainable development initiatives; some of these are already in progress, others can begin now that Atsika exists.

The mission statement of Atsika is:

to foster sustainable community development in the Ankarana region by providing education, promoting alternative livelihoods, and increasing access to information, while conserving the environment and preserving the local culture.

a typical, overcrowded public classroom in the Ankarana. several villages have no school at all. join us in changing this!

The Atsika initiative is being spearheaded by former Peace Corps Volunteers, in collaboration with the anthropology department at a Canadian university, and a group of charitable donors in the United Kingdom.  Our partnership with the Ankarana community spans nearly two decades and three continents.

We look forward to sharing more news with you soon, and to your support of our endeavors!



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