support the community school

Thanks to the ongoing support of dedicated, generous private donors, the Analasatrana community school is nearly completed.  This means that a community that has existed for decades will have its own primary school for the very first time in the 2011-12 school year.

the community school, nearly finished!

To help support the new school, the people of Analasatrana have decided to set a flat yearly household fee of 40,000 Ariary per family, regardless of how many children are in each household.  This means that whether one child or five children from a certain family will be entering school, the family will only pay 40,000.  This flat rate was established in order to avoid “penalizing” children from large families, given the likelihood that parents with many children will not be able to afford school fees for all of their  children.

Even so, given the high levels of poverty and the continuing economic crisis in Madagascar, some families in Analasatrana will struggle to pay the 40,000 Ariary this year, a fee that will contribute toward books, basic teaching materials, and teacher salaries.  Outside support could help to make up these shortfalls.

Our aim this year is to broaden the base of support for the Analasatrana community school, helping to come one village closer to achieving universal primary education in Madagascar.

A donation of 40,000 Ariary – $20 – covers the community school contribution of one poor household with school-age students, helping the children of Analasatrana to get a primary school education this year.

Current Peace Corps Volunteer Ted Koenig, collaborating with Atsika to achieve our goals, says:

“Knowledge is power.  And, for children in Analasatrana, knowledge gained through a strong education gives them the opportunity to make a positive and powerful difference.  Unfortunately, costs and other hardships often prevent these same children from receiving even the most basic of education.  Your donation of eighteen dollars, a tremendous sum for the poorest in this community, will go a long way in encouraging student success.  Thank you for believing in this effort, these students, and the power of education”. 

Please contact us if you would like to support the community school, a key activity for Atsika
Please note that as Atsika is still awaiting its tax-exempt status, gifts to our efforts at this time would not be tax-deductible. 

To read more about the Analasatrana community school story, click here.

excited for the new school!



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